The So-Cal Gambler 500 photo set

The So-Cal Gambler 500 photo set

The So-Cal Gambler 500 photo set

By - James Hernandez
April. 5, 2018 

The So-Cal Gambler 500 was a hell of a time. Regrettably, we here at bent could only stick around for the first day, but it was well worth it. Here's some coverage of what it looks like to partake in a Gambler. We did feel a little overdressed in our 96 Jeep ZJ. All the cool cats were getting stuck and blowing fluids. Next time, we'll come more prepared... or less prepared? You get it.

Big thanks to Steph and Gibby for volunteering there personal time and effort to set up this event. You are the real heroes. Selfless, beautiful, dusty, heroes.

To everyone who showed up, you guys (and gals) are a different breed. You were easily the hardest driving people in the desert. We'll see you next time.

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