Always BE Gamblin'.
Always BE Gamblin'. - The So-cal Gambler 500 Pre-Run. By - James Hernandez  March 22, 2018 Chapter 1 - TBD The Southern California Gambler 500: First place gets a bowling ball through their window, the Grand Prize goes to whomever "gets it" the...
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Big David. Tiny Car.
Big David. Tiny Car. - Why this Triumph Spitfire is a race car. By - James HernandezFeb. 6th, 2018 The 1974 Triumph Spitfire. It is British, it is small, and it is not very fast. ‍ Why then, is it such a...
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The So-Cal Gambler 500 photo set
The So-Cal Gambler 500 photo set By - James HernandezApril. 5, 2018  The So-Cal Gambler 500 was a hell of a time. Regrettably, we here at bent could only stick around for the first day, but it was well worth it....
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